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BlueCam Modusauswahl: Camera - Monitor Suche nach BlueCams gefundenes Handy auswählen BlueCam in Aktion

norm, 20.01.2008, 15:30

Nokia 6103 works in monitor-mode, but not as camera..

marlonj, 26.01.2008, 03:20

Great application !!! and using Mobile Processing !!!!
Can you upload the video to YouTube and submit to the Mobile Processing group ??

Norm, 30.01.2008, 11:56

Nokia E60 doesn't work and the SonyEricsson K320i does quite well, except in the camera mode it transmits distorted images...

marlonj, 04.02.2008, 20:57

thanks to upload the video to Youtube, now is part of the Mobile Processing group

norman, 06.02.2008, 10:36

The SonyEricsson K750i does the job, even though in the picture in the camera-mode is really dark..

- kein Name -, 19.03.2008, 10:25

Nokia 6288 works in monitor-mode too, but not as camera..

norm, 31.03.2008, 09:08

Nokia N95 brings a runtime error in the critical moments.. reading out the correct image sizes is a real pain..

poorna, 28.07.2008, 01:27

i installed both the softwares but i cant my image on pc

sony ericsonp990i, 28.08.2008, 20:11

i think there another software should be installed on pc to be work...right?

norm, 11.09.2008, 15:41

it's not made for phone -> PC transmission but phone -> phone transmission.. Perhaps the name BlueCam is missleading, later I learned there is a comercial software that can do this trick. I tried it as well, but I didn't figure out how to use the png-stream from the phone on the PC-Processing Image-Object.

martincg, 26.05.2009, 17:34

perfect work norman

verm, 29.06.2009, 23:12

For mobile -> PC transmission I use "Mobiola Web Camera" I haven't been able to get BlueCam to work yet on my 6288 and e63. i keep getting runtime errors

Hemal Suthar, 24.04.2012, 03:06

This is not .jar & .jad,yaar......