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norm, 21.03.2007, 09:17

Samsung SGH-Z400 geht nicht...

norm, 05.04.2007, 09:29

SonyEricsson K750i rockt!

norm, 10.04.2007, 10:17

SonyEricsson W300i funktioniert ... scheinbar hat SonyEricsson eine sehr gute Javaintegration.

norm, 17.04.2007, 07:37

Nokia N72 funktioniert, allerdings mir verzerrter Darstellung...

marlonj, 26.01.2008, 03:18


Nice Work !!!
But SonyEricsson K790 Not Sound

punne, 04.02.2008, 00:07

s-e W910i does not seem to work (java.lang.OutOfMemoryError after capture). I don't think it's due to space problems (got 14MB free phone memory and 115 MB free on mem-stick)

ignacionieto, 10.07.2008, 23:57

On Nokia 5200. Please change the code

Capture (this);

in your skecth for:

new Capture(this, "capture://image");


norm, 11.09.2008, 16:30

thanks, I'll give it a try..
@punne, propably your phone offers a too high resolution.. I'll try to adjust the capture size.